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Arevon Energy manages the gas emissions from 36 landfill sites within Great Britain, along with 12 landfill sites within the US and operates the landfill gas-energy power stations located adjacent to these sites. Inconjunction to these sites Arevon Energy also operates 4 coal mine methane power plants within Great Britain.

Landfill sites produce large volumes of methane gas from the decomposition of organic matter (Biomass) contained within the landfill.
Methane gas trapped below ground in landfill sites can be produced for a period of up to 50 years and commercially extracted for 15 to 20 years, post closure of the landfill operations.
Arevon’s day to day operations are managed and overseen at the company’s head office and workshop in Warrington, Cheshire.
This is also where the company’s power stations are closely monitored via modern communications, giving full and instant remote control over the operations at each station.

Landfill gas is damaging to the environment, if emitted in its raw form from landfill sites.
Landfills emit methane, according to the methane to markets landfill subcommittee, landfills were the third largest source of methane emissions in 2005.
Methane is considered to be 23 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Arevon Energy uses this gas to produce clean and sustainable energy, significantly reducing each landfill sites raw emissions.

Our sites located throughout Great Britain help to reduce both the carbon and methane foot print of the communities they serve.
On each site alongside our engines we also have gas flares, these are operated when engines are down for maintenance, ensuring we do not release methane gas directly to the environment.

With a growing portfolio, Arevon Energy is evolving into a market leader in the clean energy market

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